Proper Hamburgers

Welcome to paradise. Handcrafted burgers cooked medium so they are perfectly pink and juicy. All served in a squishy bun with a cheeky pickle on the side. Byron beef is carefully sourced, 100% British and grass-fed. Prepared to our recipe of flank, brisket and chuck, it’s ground once…then it’s ground again for marble and texture. Our chefs then add the freshest ingredients and top with our own-recipe sauces. A properly sourced, properly cooked, properly amazing burger.

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Flex burgers

A burger idea so innovative we nearly held a keynote. The proper patty for those of us who want more veg in our day, a flex burger is made from sautéed mushrooms blended with our 100% British, carefully sourced beef. It’s lighter but it’s even more delicious - or maybe that's just the taste of doing good. Less meat, even more flavour. Choose yours medium or well done.


Amazing chicken goes like this: we lovingly marinate in seasoned buttermilk to keep it nice and juicy. What’s your preference? We can grill it. We can fry it. But we will always nail it.


Herbivores rejoice. We bring the love with our fresh new range. Whether you’re a voracious veggie, vibrant vegan or simply having a meat-free Monday, we’ve definitely not skimped on flavour with these veggie powerhouses.


We know how to dress to impress. Three super salads packed with colour, life and, most importantly, flavour. The list might be small, but these salads are mighty fine.

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Fries & Sides

A burger without fries? That’s like Bert without Ernie; Kim without Kanye. If you’re ok with sharing we recommend getting a few. If you’re not then load up and dig in.

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While You Wait

Kick things off with a bang. These small plates are made for you to sit, share and crack on with while your main is freshly cooked up. We batter, bread, glaze and guac all in-house then serve as soon as it’s ready. Soul food never tasted so fresh.

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