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Tom's Story

The Byron story hails from the misspent nights of my youth.

During a four-year stint in America, I ate enough hamburgers to sink the Titanic. My favourite diner was the Silver Top, in Providence, Rhode Island. I would end up there, late at night, frequently a little worse for wear, with two or three friends. We always ordered hamburgers. They were simple, tasty things – a bit messy, made with good quality meat and only the classic adornments: lettuce, tomato, red onion, and maybe a slice of cheese or bacon. The ultimate comfort food, and so satisfying in their simplicity.

In London in 2007, it struck me there weren’t any restaurants offering hamburgers like those at the Silver Top – and so Byron was born. We were busy from the day the doors opened - and many millions of hamburgers later, our mission remains the same: to serve proper hamburgers, the way they should be.

Tom Byng

One feeds two

We've joined forces with One Feeds Two providing over 750,000 - and counting - school meals to children living in some of the poorest parts of the world.



For more tall tales of hamburger history, plus recipes, tips and tricks from our founder Tom Byng and head chef Fred Smith: our cookbook has everything you need to create your own proper hamburgers at home, plus a host of other comfort food classics.